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"What you are today is the result of the choices you made in the past and what you will be tomorrow are the results of choices made by you today!"

Is there a mirror around you? Stand in front of one and assess your health right now! Do you see a slimmer, healthier you inside? Have you tried all types of weight loss diets and failed? Are you motivated enough to bring about a total sea change in your life style? “Motivation” does not come easily to everyone. Even people who are otherwise highly self- motivated need to be surrounded by encouraging people and the right environment.

Calculate your BMI and take our Motivation Quiz now. These will help you assess whether you need assistance through our “Dietricks Weight Loss Programme”. Tailored Indian weekly menus suitable for vegetarians, vegan and for people with other dietary restrictions also available. Make an Appointment and find a new you!



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To many people, Weight Loss is just another “temporary fix” which has a Start and an End. That is because most weight loss programmes are so drastic that they cannot be interwoven into your daily life and are not sustainable over long periods. These are all quick fixes and methods of fooling oneself into thinking that this could last forever. The mind and the body both get tired of following silly regimens. They work wonders in the beginning and lose steam as the programme progresses.

Dietricks – is about  Eating all types of foods which means not giving up foods that you love.  Weaving your diet around your life style which means you don’t have to give up on parties, eating out and social gatherings.  Getting to know your body and teaching it to eat wisely which means having healthy food at the right time.  Training your mind to eat healthy which means learning a few tricks to do it.  Having a friendly consultant who will guide you and motivate you which means you don’t have to go it alone. So in one line

“Dietricks” teaches you the little tricks in your diet to maintain a healthy weight loss.

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